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Check out this shrimps pattern!

This crustacian core pattern with minimalistic shrimps is now available from Spoonflower and Raspberry Creek Fabrics!

Moon tea Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is one of my most popular designs. You can order it from Spoonflower or visit the Etsy link under the post image and buy it from Etsy.

Moon tea Wall Hanging bykreativkdesigns

Owl portrait in the style of Roaring Twenties

Digitally painted owl with headband in the style of Roaring Twenties, floral frame

2024 calendar space adventure

Β This calendar for 2024 is drawn for those, who are fascinated by space travel. You can get it at Spoonflower on a fat quarter or fishished as wall hanging/tea towel

keep calm and go fishing

I’ve just published my brand new fishing drawing, which is available on in 2 colors. Either you can order it black on white/gray or get it in white on olive/navy and black.Β 

Spaceships and ufos

Spaceships and ufos in a colorful color palette, space pattern by Kreativkdesigns

New notebook design "home"

Red heart with banner and plants, green background

New drawing "amor" published

This colorful digital drawing shows a hand holding a playing card – Ace of Hearts –Β  two blue flowers, stars and a banner with the word «amor».

Flash Tattoo Sheet Stationery Cards

Getting ready for the Valentine’s Day with special greeting cards

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